[Schedule and Venue]
First day : 13 July Thursday

Spiritual retreat by Dr. Kataria

10:30am-5:00pm (doors open at 10am)

@Ayakari-no-mori / 1214 Kishaba Nakagusuku-son Nakagami -gun

Welcome reception

- Joint concert by Pintu Mallick and Nayuta to touch your soul

6:30pm-9pm (doors open at 6pm)

@ Costa Vista Okinawa / 1478 Kishaba Nakagusuku-son Nakagami -gun

Second day : 14 July Friday

- Learning for practice

10am-0:30pm: laughter yoga sessions by Dr. Kataria and Pintu

1:30pm-4:30pm: Shere time of a field of specialty.

@ Tedako Hall in Urasoe city / 1-9-3 Nakama Urasoe city

evening 6pm-9pm: Public speech by Dr. Kataria

- The founder of Laughter Yoga and laughter friends of all world will connect to local people in Okinawa with laughter. Laugh together with 1000 people! -

@ Tedako Hall in Urasoe city / 1-9-3 Nakama Urasoe city

Third day : 15 July Saturday

- Laughing with people from all over the world

morning laughter 8am-9am

@ Tedako Hiroba in Urasoe city / 1-9-3 Nakama Urasoe city

10am-0:30pm: laughter yoga sessions by Dr. Kataria and Pintu

2pm-7pm: Laugh and Play! Fun party!

7pm-8:30pm: Dinner time

@ JICA Okinawa International Center / 1143 Mazda Urasoe city

Fourth day : 16 July Sunday

-Laughing at beautiful beach

Morning laughter 8am-9am

Play in the sea 9am-10am

@ the tropical beach

10:30am-0:30pm: laughter yoga sessions by Dr. Kataria and Pintu

@ Okinawa Convention Center / 4-3-1 Mashiki Ginowan city

afternoon: Create laughter of Flash mob (for spread joy of laughter)

Free time

sunset laughter 6:30pm-7:10pm

@Depot Island / 9-1 Mihama Chatan-cho  TEL. +81-098-926-3322

7:20pm-8:50pm Pintu's concert and Dinner


Fifth day: 17 July Monday

- Sightseeing tour South Okinawa

about 8am we leave Costa Vista Okinawa and back around 5:30pm


Join all programs: ¥72000

*includes 5-days pass, Welcome reception, Public speech by Dr.K, Sightseeing tour, All 7 meals...Discount ¥8500

One day (any day between July 13 and 16): ¥13000

Welcome reception and concert on July 13: ¥5000 (includes dinner)

Public speech by Dr. Kataria on July 14: ¥1500 or free for festival participants

Sightseeing tour on July 17: ¥15000 (includes lunch)

Meals: ¥1000/meal, ¥7000 for all the meals during the festival (from first day lunch to 4th day dinner)

*recommended to order meals through us - limited stores nearby


Please tell us the intention to participate by e-mail. Then we will send more detail to you.

E-mail:waraiygoki-2017★yahoo.co.jp *Please change from ★ to @

For flight ticket, please arrange your flight ticket to Naha airport by yourself.

For accommodation, we can make reservation of cooperative hotel. If you don't want this accommodation, please make reservation by yourself. When you stay cooperative hotel, you can use a shuttle bus to each venue. If you do not stay at informed hotel, please use a public accommodation or rental car.

[Cooperative Hotel]

EM Wellness Resort Costa Vista Okinawa, Hotel & Spa


Address: 1478 Kishaba Kitanakagusuku-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa-ken 

TEL: +81 98-935-1500 FAX: +81 98-935-1600

Single ¥13000

Twin ¥7500

Share with three people ¥6500

Share with 4 people ¥5500

All include breakfast and spa ticket. This is special price for festival.

The Laughter Yoga World Festival in Okinawa

5 days of 13-17 July 2017

We will invite a founder of Laughter Yoga Dr. Madan Kataria and Madhuri Kataria, and Laughter Yoga Music teacher Pintu Mallick from india to Okinawa. We will share the big laugh and big love with lovely laughter family from all over the world.

Laugh! Sing! Dance! Play! The festival of laughter full of 4 elements of joy.

What is your specialty or strong point? What is your favorite laughter? What are you excited about? Please join the festival and share it with everyone! Let's share each other, learn together, get many new skills and ideas by experience and bodily sensation. It will be useful for your laughter yoga life for sure.

This is very special event with unique Identities, History, Culture, Entertainment and Spiritual heart of Okinawa, for all of you. We wish this festival helps to realize peaceful society in our future and bring up children. We connect each other by laughter and let's connect people to peace of world. We hope that many of you will be able to join us at the festival.

Please come to Okinawa and join us!! We are looking forward to meeting you!!

Thanks a lot...

Sponsored by Warai yoga Okinawa ( Laughter yoga Okinawa )

2-3-1 Mekaru, Naha-city, Okinawa, 904-0004

Contact: waraiyogaokinawa★yahoo.co.jp *Please change from ★ to @

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